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Who Wants Necronomas?

💀 Posted On November 11, 2020   |   No Comments on Who Wants Necronomas?

In the world of The Deadlys™, the characters celebrate a winter holiday they call Necronomas that falls roughly around the same time as mortal Christmas.

To mark this celebration, we used to offer our stage to guest artists to submit their own takes on The Deadlys with guest strips. This allowed us to take a break for the holidays while still giving readers something fun to check back for at the end of the year.

Since we’ve launched the new series and have been resurrecting various features, we were wondering if there was any interest in bringing this celebration back.

If you’re an artist and think you’d be interested in providing a comic for such an event, post a comment below and let us know. If we get enough interest, we’ll set up an event for this year with strips probably due by mid December at the latest.

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