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It’s The End Of An Era

After nearly ten years as a (somewhat) regularly updated online comic strip, The Deadlys™ is ending it’s run.

So What Happens To The World I’ve Grown To Love?

As bittersweet as this announcement is, it does come with a silver lining of sorts. While the strip will be ending, The Deadlys™ will actually continue.

My plan for 2020 and beyond is to continue telling the stories of the citizens of Necroblivion™ with floppies, graphic novels & trades. Each book will feature a complete story that will focus on characters from across the universe and, in some cases, from various points in time. There is no set release schedule for these future titles but I’ll make every effort to ensure that as little time as possible passes from one to the next.

I’m also exploring the possibility of other Deadlys series and stories being posted here on the website but details, if any, will be revealed later.

Can You Tell Us What Stories Are Coming?

At this point, all I can reveal is that I’ll finish The Deadlys: Legacy which will be available as a graphic novel. After that, I have plans for one more story in what I refer to as the “Slime Trilogy” that will come sometime in 2020. Beyond that, other than to assure you that I have lots of stories left to tell, I can’t reveal my plans at this time.

What Will Happen To All The Strips Online?

All of the comic strips on the website will remain available for free for anyone to read. With nearly 600 comics in the archive, there will always be plenty of adventures for people to read through if they are feeling nostalgic about the family. From there you can move on to the books which will continue to build the rich legacy of The Deadlys™ and their world.

Is There An Easy Way For Me To Keep Up On New Releases / News About The Deadlys™?

Yes! Sign up for The Deadlys™ newsletter and you’ll get an email whenever we have new information about the series and any new products / titles. You can sign up by CLICKING HERE.