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The Future Of The Deadlys – 2022 & Beyond

💀 Posted On February 12, 2022   |   1 Comment on The Future Of The Deadlys – 2022 & Beyond

Hi everyone! There are a lot of changes happening here at the site and with the comic. To hopefully help address any questions, I’ve created this post to explain what’s up.

Q: Is Next Haunt ending?

Yes. The series was always planned as a short term run unlike the original which was more open ended. The series will be completed sometime around the beginning of March 2022.

Q: I see there is a book. When will it be available?

I honestly thought the title would be available now but unfortunately that’s not the case. At this point, I can’t give a firm date other than “soon” as we’re just waiting on the distributor to post it. We’ll update links the moment it’s live so please keep checking back.

Q: What happened to the other comics?

To keep a long story short, we seemed to have hit a ceiling technology wise with the system we use to display our strip. That means that we can’t update it and when we update everything else, the whole system crashes to the ground. Until I can find a solution, I’m afraid the strips are going to have to take a break.

May 6, 2022 – Good News! I think we’ve finally figured out how to restore the strip system so we’re back in business! Enjoy!

Q: Will we get any new Deadlys stories from here on out?

Right now the plan is to continue making new stories. However, instead of a long running series, the goal is to produce shorter, self contained stories that stand on their own. These will be available in book form either digitally or physically. There is currently no set schedule for the release of these stories.

Q: Will the website be staying online?

Yes. Barring any other weirdness from the world at large the site should still be here for as long as I can pay the bills.

Q: What’s the easiest way for me to keep up with The Deadlys™?

At this point, other than checking the site every few months, I highly recommend signing up for the basic newsletter. It’s free and we only send out messages when we have something to say.

I think that covers the basics. If you have any other questions, feel free to chime in below.


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February 26, 2022 9:02 am

I’m honestly eager to see the next strip, & find out what’s with Lamia.