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Clawing Back From The Grave

💀 Posted On October 29, 2020

Clear off the kitchen table. Your family game night is about to get Deadly…again with The Deadlys™: Night of Screams board game!

We’ve brought back this classic with updated artwork, pieces, more cards and a special mini comic exclusive to this board game!

Makes a great gift for that Deadlys fan in your life or a board game fan who just loves Halloween themed stuff.

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The Game That Wasn’t

💀 Posted On October 28, 2020

A lot of times during the development of certain projects, things just don’t pan out or other items become a priority. Such was the case with this short lived dive into a shooter starring Autumn Twitchell. The game was to feature a Gradius style powerup system where you can select when and what you want to upgrade after collecting so many tokens.

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