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The Next Adventure…?

💀 Posted On July 2, 2020

Last year after nearly a decade, I closed the chapter of The Deadlys™ story that revolved around the original series. It wasn’t from a lack of stories to tell, it was more of I just felt like it was a good place to put a capstone on it. A clean break from the old to be able to look forward to the new.

Ever since, I have been working away in the background on various things. One of those includes a possible new Deadlys comic series that may or may not be of interest to you all. I’ll explain how this all fits together with the original.

The original series has been an over reaching arch. What I call the “Slime Saga” for a lack of a better term. It covers The Deadlys™ and their lives through the entire conflict they have with Apollyon, the series main antagonist. The upcoming graphic novel “Legacy” is a bridge between two arches of comic. (Basically a “next generation”)

Benefit of making the books: I always get the first copy.

Now this is where you come in. I want to know if you’re even interested in reading something like this. Do you want more Deadlys or are you content with the original collection? The panel shown above is a sample from the new series I’ve been working on since the early part of this year. If I did a new series, it would be like this panel – full color with basic shading. I just need to know if there is enough interest to make it a worthwhile investment to produce.

So let me know what you think below. Any questions about The Deadlys™ are also welcome. I’ll answer as much as I can (for spoilers sake there are something things I won’t be able to reveal just yet).


EDIT ON JULY 27, 2020

Just got my lead copy in the mail today and it looks great! Looking forward to seeing what you all think of it when it releases this fall.

If for some reason it doesn’t make it’s scheduled October 4th release date (and I really hope it does), then it’ll come out as soon as possible thereafter.

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An Anniversary Gift And A Little History

💀 Posted On June 11, 2020

Many probably don’t know this but there has never been a traditional piece of original Deadlys artwork ever created. The series as you know it was born on the day I got my first Wacom Cintiq art tablet. It took a little while to get the hang of drawing on a screen, but after a few months I was hooked and it has drastically changed the way I produce all of my art (for the better!).

For the last 10 years, I have been drawing The Deadlys™ on that little 12″ tablet. Every comic strip, every graphic novel, t-shirt design, etc. It has been an amazing little workhorse and still works to this day.

Why am I telling you all of this, you ask? Well, this week I decided to give myself an anniversary gift of sorts. A reward for 10 years of Deadlys work through thick and thin. Today I just installed my new Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 and I am one happy camper!

Aside from the obvious larger screen, I also got an arm which allows me to draw in a much more comfortable position instead of hunched over the small table I had my 12″ tablet sitting on. This has really got me excited again because, now that I hopefully won’t have to deal with neck and back pain, I can stay at the table more and maybe get some more Deadlys content out the door.

Thanks for sticking with me and The Deadlys™ this past decade. It’s been so much fun seeing people fall in love with these characters. Look for more great stories in the near future!

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Legacy Is Almost Here!

💀 Posted On June 10, 2020

Our latest original graphic novel, The Deadlys™: Legacy, is complete and will be available for sale this summer! Be sure to check back and grab your copy to see the exciting conclusion to the slime trilogy of stories.

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