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Morgan Deadly
While she has adopted her father's knack for weaponry, she certainly has her mother's drive and ingenuity. She's still coming to grips with her celebrity status due to her father and the resentment it has caused among some of the students.
Nefeari Kutahmon
This Egyptian princess has hit the ground running by taking a position on the school paper as well as becoming a cheerleader with her best friend, Morgan.
Daniel Brimstone
The mortal turned monster has found his footing in Necroblivion™ and has (almost) never been better. He and Morgan had a falling out over the summer. Only time will tell if they rekindle their flame and salvage their relationship.
Kelp Deeptide
A merdude who is part of the Necroblivion student exchange program. Pumpkin Beach doesn’t compare to his haunts back home, but it’ll do when the urge to surf strikes.
Riva Stonegaze
A Gorgon with a gift for dancing, she has used her skills to earn many awards for her and her team. She keeps her snakes contained to prevent any ‘accidents’ with her powers.
Miasma Nightshade
A shy young spirit, this is the first time she has been out amongst the monster population at large. She still finds solace in her books but is starting to make friends not made of paper.
Jonas Vashir
A warlock from a long and distinguished line of dark arts masters. He has a lot of pressure riding on his shoulders to carry the family legacy. A legacy that he really doesn’t want to be a part of.
Fortis Granitewalker
A stone golem who has amazing physical strength to match his strong heart. The football team feels REALLY good about their chances this year.
Lamia Apollyon
The daughter of darkness who seems to have appeared out of nowhere. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t turn your back on her for very long.

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