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Jack Deadly
An infamous serial killer, his legend is known by most teenagers who have been fortunate enough to avoid him. The husband of Elizabeth and father of Morgan and Viktor.
Elizabeth Deadly
Heiress to the Voltair chemical empire and CEO of the family’s Voltair Chemical company. Wife of Jack and mother to Morgan and Viktor.
Morgan Deadly
Daughter of Jack and Elizabeth. As she has entered into adulthood, she seems to be at the center of something major that could impact the lives of everyone she knows.
Viktor Deadly
The younger brother of Morgan and a chip off the ol' Deadly. Fiercely protective of his sister if only so he can be the only one to play pranks on her and drive her crazy.
Viona (Voltair) Vintash
The younger sister of Elizabeth, she is a professor at the local boo-niversity. Wife of Jacob Vintash.
Nefeari Kutahmon
Best friend of Morgan. As a member of an ancient royal bloodline, she finds herself juggling her official responsibilities with the day-to-day of just wanting to find her path in life.
Dr. Morticia Thaine
Childhood friend of Elizabeth and Viona. She is a practicing physician along with her mentor Dr. Chu.
The Headless Horseman
An ancient specter who also happens to be Jack’s arch nemesis. Desperately seeks to reclaim his title as lord of the night.

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