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Q: When did The Deadlys™ start?

The comic was an idea that had been floating around my desk for years but the first strip finally saw the light of day on October 4, 2010.

Q: Do you accept fan art / guest comics?

I used to years ago during a year end event I called Necronomas. It was a chance for me to take a few weeks off during the holidays and still give everyone something to read. As of right now I’m not accepting submissions but if interest returns I may look into starting up the tradition once again.

Q: When I click on a link to buy a comic, I’m taken to a site called IndyPlanet. Is this supposed to happen?

Yes. IndyPlanet is the official distributor of our titles so you’re ok to purchase from them. Our site functions as a nice catalog and hub for our studio and they handle all the back-end work getting your books to you quickly and looking great.

Q: I’m new to The Deadlys™ and not sure where to start. Can you give me an idea how the series are ordered?

Absolutely. This list is in chronological order based on the canon from first to last (not necessarily the order they were created).

Teenage Vampire Mystery Squad™BUY IT NOW
To date, this is the earliest we go in the Deadlys timeline. This story introduces us to the world of Necroblivion™ and to Elizabeth and her family and friends when they’re teenagers.

My Bloody ValentineBUY IT NOW
A short time after the events of TVMS but not before Elizabeth gives up her detective lifestyle, this recalls her first encounter with Jack and how they eventually became a couple.

The Deadlys™BUY IT NOW
The main original series that focuses on the family the strip is named for. It takes place decades after the events in Bloody Valentine after Elizabeth marries Jack and they have their daughter Morgan.

The Deadlys: Necro High™
This series takes place years later as Morgan begins her journey into high school and is introduced to the world at large.

The Deadlys: Legacy™BUY IT NOW
As Morgan and her friends graduate from high school and enter adulthood, Morgan is suddenly forced to confront her family’s past.

The Deadlys: Next Haunt™BUY IT NOW
After the world altering events that occurred during Legacy, Morgan is forced to jump back in time to relive part of her past. The only question is: Is it the one she remembers?

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