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Q: When did The Deadlys™ start?

The comic was an idea that had been floating around my desk for years but the first strip finally saw the light of day on October 4, 2010.

Q: Do you accept fan art / guest comics?

I used to years ago during a year end event I called Necronomas. It was a chance for me to take a few weeks off during the holidays and still give everyone something to read. As of right now I’m not accepting submissions but if interest returns I may look into starting up the tradition once again.

Q: When I click on a link to buy a comic, I’m taken to a site called IndyPlanet. Is this supposed to happen?

Yes. IndyPlanet is the official distributor of our titles so you’re ok to purchase from them. Our site functions as a nice catalog and hub for our studio and they handle all the back-end work getting your books to you quickly and looking great.

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