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Comics that don’t belong to any storyline.

Annoying Knocks Repeatedly

When an estranged member of the family stops by unexpectedly, the family has to decide what to do with their unwanted guest.


The Deadlys family head out for some fun on Halloween only to run into Jack’s arch nemesis – The Headless Horseman!

The Way of the Fang

Elizabeth attempts to teach Morgan the ways of being a vampire but this time it might require a father’s touch.

Sleighing Night

Santa Claus has been murdered and the prime suspect is Jack! Can Necroblivion’s finest get to the bottom of this case before Jack’s time is up?

Uncle From Another Comic

Morgan’s surprise party receives a surprise of it’s own as a special guest visits the family.

Something Positive

Elizabeth announces that she’s pregnant! Now the family has to come to terms with the idea of another Deadly in the house.

The Mask Is Cracked (But I’m Ok)

One of Jack’s victims manages to crack his mask sending him into a panic. The only person who can fix it is someone Jack had hoped he’d never have to see again.

Doing It For The In-LOLs

Elizabeth’s parents learn of the upcoming birth and decide to pay her a visit much to Jack’s displeasure.

And Down Will Come Baby

With the news that Mina and Zander are expecting a baby of their own, Zander finally deals with his pent up frustrations with their first “child”.

Ultimate Gross Out

Jack and Liz get onto a local game show to compete for fabulous prizes. Instead, they get way more than they bargained for and some bruises for good measure.

Pranking In Your Sleep

Someone has been pranking the neighborhood by vandalizing various houses at night. Jack and Zander set out to catch the perpetrator and put an end to their antics.

The Deadlys Hit The Beach

The family takes a long overdue vacation to Reaper Beach and discovers that not all is as it seems with their final destination.

Mystically Confusing

Liz falls into a powerful vision but continues to struggle when she tries to decode it’s message.

The Price of Redemption

A young woman offers Headless Horseman the chance of a lifetime. In more ways than one.

Pop Goes The Belly

The day has finally arrived! Baby Deadly is on the way but not without a lot of chaos and confusion first.

A Council Between Friends

Morgan and Nefeari find each other at odds when both decide to run for president of student council. Will their friendship survive this election or does this mark the end of an era for them both?

The “What If” Jack-O-Lantern

A Halloween special! The family welcomes a small jack-o-lantern into their home for Halloween. Unfortunately for them, this little pumpkin will turn their evening upside down with it’s spooky mischief. (Non Canon)

Death Is A Con Artist

The grim reaper shows up in Necroblivion™ much to the surprise of it’s monster citizens. Is he looking for souls, or does he have something more lucrative in mind?

Super Jack Saves Christmas

Jack’s pencil wanders once again and this time Super Jack emerges to save Christmas from a grumpy monster most foul!

Neighborly Love

Morgan meets the neighbors and takes an instant liking to one particular member of the family.

Apocalypse Meow

Seeking answers as to why their dreams are suddenly linked, Apollyon and Elizabeth seek out the help of an ancient being.

A Date For Horseman

The Headless Horseman’s fortunes finally change when a young woman from his past gets the nerve to take him up on his offer.

Shamus The Tool

Due to an bureaucratic error, Shamus is released from prison to the care of the Deadly’s household.

Portals In Crisis

When a human breaches the security of the portals, the entire realm panics and goes into lock down. Can Jack find this human and restore order?

A Normal Point Of View

Morgan drinks a potion that turns everyone around her into mortals! Another twisted Deadlys Halloween special! (Non Canon)

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