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Chronologically Speaking, Of Course…

💀 Posted On July 1, 2021   |   No Comments on Chronologically Speaking, Of Course…

As a series with over a decade of content, it’s not surprising to see some confusion from people who are just now discovering the strip and it’s characters. So, with the goal of clearing up any confusion and pointing you in the right direction should you wish to read things in order, below is a list of each series / title and how it fits into the Deadlys timeline.

Teenage Vampire Mystery Squad™BUY IT NOW
To date, this is the earliest we go in the Deadlys timeline. This story introduces us to the world of Necroblivion™ and to Elizabeth and her family and friends when they’re teenagers.

My Bloody ValentineBUY IT NOW
A short time after the events of TVMS but not before Elizabeth gives up her detective lifestyle, this recalls her first encounter with Jack and how they eventually became a couple.

The main original series that focuses on the family the strip is named for. It takes place decades after the events in Bloody Valentine after Elizabeth marries Jack and they have their daughter Morgan.

The Deadlys: Necro High™READ IT NOW
This series takes place years later as Morgan begins her journey into high school and is introduced to the world at large.

The Deadlys: Legacy™BUY IT NOW
As Morgan and her friends graduate from high school and enter adulthood, Morgan is suddenly forced to confront her family’s past.

The Deadlys: Next Haunt™READ IT NOWBUY IT NOW
After the world altering events that occurred during Legacy, Morgan is forced to jump back in time to relive part of her past. The only question is: Is it the one she remembers?

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