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Jack Deadly
An infamous serial killer, his legend is known by most teenagers who have been fortunate enough to avoid him. The husband of Elizabeth and father of Morgan and Viktor.
Elizabeth Deadly
Heiress to the Voltair chemical empire and CEO of the family’s Voltair Chemical company. Wife of Jack and mother to Morgan and Viktor. She insists on hunting live prey like her ancestors did despite the disapproval from her parents. Has an unhealthy addiction to something known as “blood fruit”.
Morgan Deadly
Daughter of Jack and Elizabeth, she’s a vampire with a weird problem – she can’t stand to touch blood. A freak accident when she was little has scarred her despite years of professional therapy from her parents.
Viktor Deadly
A little bundle of terror who’s a real chip off the ol’ monster. You’d be wise to keep your distance, especially if it’s past his nap time.
Belle Deadly
A young girl who claims to be the daughter of Jack and Elizabeth – from the future.
Zander Lazarus
Zombie pal of Jack and husband of Mina. He’s a trader on the Necroblivion™ Soul Exchange.
Mina Lazarus
A created monster who’s a high profile fashion designer. Her designs are often the talk of the realm. Wife of Zander Lazarus.
Shelly Lazarus
Daughter of Mina and Zander Lazarus.
Robert "Uncle" Blood
Elizabeth’s uncle and general nuisance to the family at large. He’ll show up when you least expect him and never leave.
Sylvia Pandor
A succubus who sells Monster Choppers by day and woos unsuspecting victims at night.
The Headless Horseman
An ancient specter who also happens to be Jack’s arch nemesis. Desperately seeks to reclaim his title as lord of the night.
Det. Sam Squatch
The lead partner in the law enforcement duo, he and his partner Ioptem are all that stands between order and chaos in Necroblivion™.
Det. Ioptem
A talented detective in his own right, he’s the brains of the duo and often turns a cold case into solved.
Shamus O'Toole
A drunken wreck of a leprechaun, he attempted to frame Jack for murder only to have it blow up in his face.
Attorney Phenius P. Hare
The lone voice of reason when Jack was on trial for the murder of Santa Claus. His defense of clients is second to none.
Santa Claus
The jolly old soul of the North Pole often finds himself tangled up in the chaos of Necroblivion™ despite his efforts to steer clear.
Dr. Dagon Chu
The guy monsters go to when they need something patched up. His calm bedside demeanor is often put to the test with the weirdness of his patients.
Damok Brimstone
A vengeance demon and, in his words, a “mountain of awesome”.
Daniel Brimstone
Morgan’s boyfriend and a relatively new monster in Necroblivion™.
An ancient evil that once enslaved multiple realms. In his weakened state, he is now forced to hide in the shadows and plot his return.
Kurish Voltair
Husband of Merideth and a general stick in the mud. His hot temper and big mouth are often his downfall.
Merideth Voltair
Mother of Elizabeth Deadly. After a fallout between her and her husband Kurish, she has decided to stay with her daughter for a while.
Jim Scary
Necroblivion’s premiere plumber is the one ghoul you call when your toilet won’t flush. He doesn’t ask questions, he just clears the clog!
Barnica Terror
A devious political mastermind wrapped up in the body of a shrew little nerdish girl. Opponents have only two choices – be destroyed or get out of the way.
Autumn Twitchell
A young witch who often spends as much time casting spells as she does cleaning up the messes from those spells.
An enchanted broom who has a terrible sense of manners when it comes to social situations. Created to be an assistant to Autumn Twitchell, the witch.
The ancient collector of souls who is concerned with more lucrative pursuits when he’s not taking the dead to their final reward.
Ramses Kutahmon
The father of Nefeari and husband of Azira, he controls a huge construction empire handed down for generations.
Azira Kutahmon
The mother of Nefeari, she tends to take an overprotective approach to raising her daughter which drives her crazy.
Nefeari Kutahmon
Best friend of Morgan and technically a princess although she refuses to be addressed as such.
An ancient creature that has the power to visit others dreams to determine their origin and purpose.
Greaseball Pete
Owner of Necroblivion’s most colorful watering hole – the Monster Bar. He serves drinks along with a healthy dose of brutally honest advice whether you want it or not.
Slyvin Galgamon
CEO of CorpseTech and Jack’s boss.
Jacob Vintash
Husband of Viona and a professor at the local boo-niversity.
Viona (Voltair) Vintash
The younger sister of Elizabeth, she is a professor at the local boo-niversity. Wife of Jacob Vintash.
Spirit of Necronomas
The ghost of the monster holiday, she seeks out those who don’t wish to celebrate and attempts to change their minds. By any means necessary.
An assassin by trade. She and her sister are two of the deadliest beings in the realm – for the right price.
Agnus & Earl Redford
The very mortal parents of Jack Deadly.
Dr. Morticia Thaine
Childhood friend of Elizabeth and Viona, she has returned and is now a physician working with Dr. Chu.
Mayor Victus Marrow
The elected official of Necroblivion™ you visit when you need something done. Not that he’ll do it, but he might know someone who can.
King Storfisk
King of the ancient merpeople and father of Princess Pleio.
Princess Pleio
One of the royal daughters of King Storfisk. Don’t let her small frame fool you, she’s as destructively bratty as a being can get.
Oracle of Seasons
Often referred to by mortals as “Mother Nature”, she is responsible for making sure the seasons progress to ensure humanity’s survival.
An ancient being who kidnaps and kills naughty children.
An evil, frozen villain who’s schemes usually revolve around things that annoy him.
Phoebe Fizzby
One of the best corporate assistants around and very eager to please. Sometimes too eager…
Mr. Magistri
If there is something really hard to acquire that you just HAVE to have, he can get it for you. But you better be ready to pay for it.

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