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Something Is Coming…

💀 Posted On September 21, 2020

There has been a slight schedule change with regards to the “best of” running of strips on the site. The best of will now only run through the end of September.

That is because, starting October 2, The Deadlys: Next Haunt starts posting on the front page. You read correctly. We’re posting the new series online and we hope you’ll join us to celebrate the launch of a new decade of Deadlys comics.

To start, the new series will be full color as mentioned before and will post on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. Any changes to that schedule will be communicated on the site and via the newsletter but….hopefully we’ll be ok with that for now (with the way this year has gone I take NOTHING for granted).

So that’s it. Just wanted to make you all aware of the reschedule and new stuff. Make sure you tell anyone who was a fan of the original comic what’s happening so they don’t miss out.

See you October 2nd!

Night of the Living Upgrades

💀 Posted On September 20, 2020

While the majority of the site got it’s overhaul a few weeks ago, there were a few lingering details that have been left to “as soon as possible” status. One of those has been the character bios pages and comic archives.

We have now started to upgrade these pages to the new tabbed design that you currently can see on The Deadlys™ archive as well as the Necro High™ character page. Each design is set up to try and compress the amount of info down into a nicer, more manageable page of stuff.

The Deadlys™ archive is still a work in progress but will be fully transferred in the coming weeks. Look for more tweaks as we roll into October.

Halloween Costume Suggestions

💀 Posted On September 17, 2020
An Ask Jack™ QuestionSent In By Big Joe

Got any recommendations on a Halloween costume this year?

   Jack Writes…

I’ve always been about bucking trends and getting the most scare for your buck.
So this year, just go as a person without a mask. It’ll scare the hell out of everyone.

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